News, Headlines and Links

April 2013

😦    Pesticide Trials, Letter by Prof. Tony Trewavas, please read comments!

Beekeepers in 5 Bulgarian cities stage protests against neonicotinoids

Dr. Sanchez-Bayo discusses immune suppression by neonicotinoid insecticides at the root of global wildlife declines
(The Organic View)

Risk assessment of neonicotinoid insecticides by Dutch autorities harshly critizised by independent scientists
(Bird decline, Insect Decline and Neonicotinoids)

Pesticide blamed for declining bee population
(CBS Evening News)

Private letters reveal Syngenta and Bayer’s furious lobbying against EU measures to save bees
(Corporate Europe Observatory)

Wings of Life
(seligfilmnews, youtube)

March 2013

EU vote on neonicotinoids in limbo as EPA sued over Bee-toxic pesticides
(The Organic View; with Alyn Smith, Graham White and Tom Theobald)

The case against Imidacloprid
(Oregon sustainable Beekeepers)


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